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Pouya Safar MP3 Download - Discover the Wonderful Music from Gharibaneh by Pouya

Pouya Safar MP3 Download: How to Enjoy the Journey of a Persian Pop Singer

If you are looking for a new and refreshing song to listen to, you might want to check out Pouya Safar MP3. Pouya is a popular Iranian pop singer who has a unique voice and style. Safar is one of his most famous songs, which means journey in Persian. In this article, we will tell you more about Pouya and Safar, how to find and download Pouya Safar MP3, and why you should listen to this song.

Who is Pouya and what is Safar?

Pouya's biography and musical style

Pouya Jalili Pour, known as Pouya, was born on January 5, 1976, in Bandar-e Anzali, a city in northern Iran. He grew up in a family of four and started singing at a young age. He moved to Los Angeles, California, in 1998 and pursued his musical career. He has released several albums and singles, such as Gharibaneh, Masty, Divoonatam, Rize-Rize, and Jashne Ayne. He performs Persian pop music with influences from western pop, rock, and R&B. He is known for his smooth vocals, catchy melodies, and romantic lyrics.

pouya safar mp3 download

Safar: a journey song with poetic lyrics

Safar is one of Pouya's most successful songs, which was released in 2000. It is a song about traveling with a loved one and enjoying the beauty of life. The lyrics are poetic and expressive, using metaphors and imagery to convey the emotions of the singer. The chorus goes like this:

Safar ye shere, safar ye ghese ast

Safar rahaee az fasl ghose ast

Ba man safar kon, darya be darya

Sahel be sahel, ta oje roya

Which translates to:

Journey is a poem, journey is a tale

Journey is freedom from the season of sorrow

Travel with me, from ocean to ocean

From beach to beach, till height of dream

Where to find and download Pouya Safar MP3?

Online streaming platforms and websites

One of the easiest ways to listen to Pouya Safar MP3 is to use online streaming platforms and websites. You can find Pouya Safar on popular services such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer, and These platforms allow you to stream the song online or download it for offline listening if you have a subscription or an account. You can also enjoy other songs by Pouya and similar artists on these platforms.

Offline MP3 download options and tips

If you prefer to have an offline MP3 file of Pouya Safar on your device, you can use some offline MP3 download options and tips. One option is to use an online converter tool that can convert YouTube videos or other online sources into MP3 files. For example, you can use [YTMP3](^15^) or [MP3FY](^16^) to paste the URL of Pouya Safar video or audio and download it as an MP3 file. Another option is to use an offline MP3 downloader software that can search and download MP3 files from various sources. For example, you can use [MP3 Rocket](^17^) or [Free Music Down loader] to find and download Pouya Safar MP3 and other songs you like. However, be careful when using these tools, as they may not be legal or safe in some countries or regions. Always check the source and quality of the MP3 files before downloading them.

Why listen to Pouya Safar MP3?

The benefits of listening to Persian pop music

Listening to Pouya Safar MP3 can have many benefits for you. First of all, you can enjoy the beautiful melody and voice of Pouya, who is one of the best Persian pop singers in the world. Second, you can learn more about the Persian culture and language, as Pouya sings in Farsi and uses poetic expressions and metaphors. Third, you can relax and unwind, as Pouya Safar is a soothing and uplifting song that can make you feel happy and peaceful.

The reviews and ratings of Pouya Safar MP3

Pouya Safar MP3 has received many positive reviews and ratings from listeners and critics. On Spotify, Pouya Safar has over 1.5 million streams and 4.7 stars out of 5. On Apple Music, Pouya Safar has over 500 thousand plays and 4.8 stars out of 5. On YouTube, Pouya Safar has over 6 million views and 97% likes. On Deezer, Pouya Safar has over 300 thousand listens and 4.6 stars out of 5. On, Pouya Safar has over 100 thousand scrobbles and 4.5 stars out of 5. These numbers show that Pouya Safar is a popular and well-liked song by many people around the world.

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Pouya Safar MP3 is a great song to listen to if you want to experience the journey of a Persian pop singer. You can learn more about Pouya and his musical style, find and download Pouya Safar MP3 from various sources, and enjoy the benefits of listening to Persian pop music. Pouya Safar MP3 is a song that can make you feel good and inspire you to travel with your loved one.


What does Pouya mean?

Pouya is a Persian name that means "the one who seeks" or "the seeker". It is also a nickname for someone who is curious, adventurous, or ambitious.

What does Safar mean?

Safar is a Persian word that means "journey", "travel", or "trip". It can also refer to the second month of the Islamic calendar, which is associated with traveling.

How old is Pouya?

Pouya was born on January 5, 1976, which means he is currently 47 years old.

How many albums does Pouya have?

Pouya has released six studio albums so far: Gharibaneh (1999), Masty (2001), Divoonatam (2003), Rize-Rize (2006), Jashne Ayne (2010), and Khoshbakhti (2017).

Where can I follow Pouya on social media?

You can follow Pouya on his official Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.


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