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The Best Editions of Frankenstein Mary Shelley Pdf Romana

Victor is depicted as a beautiful man, in the style that Victorians typically portrayed men; and he is also an intellectual. In this novel, Mary Shelley has combined these two characteristics of Victorians to embody the persona of this imaginary character in Frankenstein. The book is so well written that I found myself enthralled, as if I had become Victor Frankenstein and would be consumed within this story. Victor, like Frankenstein, is insanely driven to find a way to animate life. He believes that it's just a matter of discovering what science is lacking. He feels that he is the pioneer of a new era in science, but he does not understand how to proceed. He has exhausted his knowledge of chemistry and is drawn to psychology, which is only a toddler in science. Victor discovers the journals of two men who suffer from mental disorders and their symptoms, which fits the fact that he is not quite sure what he is doing in his quest of discovering life. His experiments consist of creating living beings that look like animals, but not quite like animals. His last experiment is the discovery of electricity. He intends to preserve Mary Shelley's life by transferring it into his "new creature." Victor is an appealing character; I felt almost like he was the anti-hero because his character is far more interesting than the other characters. His motivations are very realistic. Victor is trying to get out of the shadow of his dead mother, and he is obsessed with attempting to discover life. He has this desire to change the world and change everything that he comes in contact with.

Frankenstein Mary Shelley Pdf Romana



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