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Saawan Ko Aane Do Movie Download 720p Movies LINK

at the end of it all, sawan ko aane do is a film you watch to savour the cinema we have lost; it is leisurely, is harmonious. the costumes are all indian, going back to the times when girls wore ghagra-cholis, the men dhoti-kurtas; to the age when bullock cart was a preferred means of quick transport and roads meant a patch of black in verdant fields. it comes laced with tunes with tunes of bharat; it speaks that language too.

Saawan Ko Aane Do movie download 720p movies

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there is scene, a village youth standing by a stream, while his friends tease him about the girl he has been made to bring home, she is a city girl, he says. she has a big bhindi [skirt, a bigger question!] and very big bhindi, well you understand. one of her legs is shorter than the other. her father is a plumber, she says when he persists. she has a new pair of shoes, he says, but she has a big foot, her big foot is bigger than the rest. she has a big nose, a big nose, because her nose is so big! her eyes are big and she wears big bhindi when she goes out, but her bhindi is too big, it covers everything. she is a big fat girl, she laughs. what else? asks the youth. she is a big girl, he says, well i suppose that was all that the cricketer had to say. and this pretty much sums up the poetry of sawan ko aane do.

enjoy a tale that taps into the deep despair of an artistes life when his true potential is not recognised. a sing-a-long rendering of his masterpiece zarina, which was presented at the all music india concert in mumbai in 1977 when a so-called akashwani programme was about to name its best 10 promising singers, hails from the same territory where she has to balance precocious professional commitments with her as yet unfulfilled dreams of being a mother. laharis treatment of the material is impeccable, and a bit witty. she delivers zarins poignant plea to the akashwani with poignancy, yet not overdoing it. its a nuanced dance as charming as it is engaging.


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