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Microsoft Encarta Download Free Full Version ##HOT##

In 2000, the full Encarta content became available on the World Wide Web to subscribers, with a subset available for free to anyone.[15] In 2006, Websters Multimedia, a Bellevue, Washington subsidiary of London-based Websters International Publishers, took over maintenance of Encarta from Microsoft.[19] The last version was Encarta Premium 2009, released in August 2008.[2]

microsoft encarta download free full version

Most folks at Microsoft don't realize that Encarta exists and is used TODAY all over the developing world on disconnected or occasionally connected computers. (Perhaps Microsoft could make the final version of Encarta available for a free final download so that we might avoid downloading illegal or malware infested versions?)

Connectivity in many places around the world is not exactly 1-2-3: Google recently released a new Lite mode for some of its Android products to lighten the amount of data transferred, arguing that in countries like India 2G networks still are the norm. With Kiwix, the only limitation is the initial download which is usually done on a USB flash drive (or microSD card), and then copied and circulated offline. After that, people are free to go and carry a piece of internet with them (the best part, we might add).

GPO GateThe University of California at San Diego provides this interface that lets you search onand download the full text of many publications of the U.S. Government Printing Office,including the Federal Register, the Congressional Record, Congressional Bills, GAOreports, Senate and House calendars, economic indicators, and the United States Code.

ConsumerInformation CenterGet booklets and brochures published by more than 40 federal departments and agencies. Anamazing range of topics is covered: cars, employment, travel and hobbies, food and health,investments and more. You'd normally have to send away for these booklets and pay anominal price, but this Web server gives you the full text free with no wait.

The Ultimate Collection OfWinsock SoftwareIt offers exhaustive directories of Winsock-compliant freeware and shareware on a varietyof platforms.It has descriptions, reviews, and links to the actual programs.It also usesrating system to help you decide which programs to download and try.


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