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Download and Listen to Treasured VBS Music and Learn How God Values You

Want energetic music videos of kids demonstrating the motions to all 9 songs? Got it. How about special video introductions of Bible Memory Buddies to use during Sing & Play Rock? Got that, too. It's all on this DVD ready for instant use!

"Priceless Treasure" is a celebratory praise song for kids about how they are God's treasure. Children will love this kids' worship song for church and VBS. Hear a sample of this kids' Christian music and get started today.

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By purchasing this praise song for children in any of the available formats, you're agreeing to the terms and conditions of Group's Music and Video Download End User License Agreement. Click here to review and print a copy. A copy will also be included with your download. You may not use the download to make copies in any form. Download is for your own church/organization use during in-person events/services.

Order the studio-recorded music album separately at -pirates and download additional chord sheets and hand motions instructions at -curriculum

"In PROOF Pirates VBS curriculum, TULIP, the historical articulation of grace, is transformed and refreshed for a new generation to enjoy God and understand his ways. The music, skits, lessons, crafts, and games all work together to teach and reinforce aspects of God's grace as described in Ephesians. Let us teach our children with grace and pirates!"Daniel Montgomery, Lead Pastor of Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, KY; founder of the Sojourn Network; author of Faithmapping and PROOF

**Music from starter kits may not be reproduced and distributed to participants and their families. If you wish to do so, please buy the very affordable bulk-priced audio CDs or MP3 download cards from us (see below).

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We're now offering our annual "Christmas Special" to all of you. We hope these special deals make it a little easier to give the gift of praise! All items are included in this special, including "hard copy" CDs and DVDs, downloads, t-shirts (while supplies last), PDFs (sheet music books, coloring books, and chords-lyrics-and-motion drawing booklets), and even DVDs in MP4 files on our custom 8 Gig flash drive.

If you have limited space for indoor games, then download our massive Bible trivia list and host a quiz game. You can divide the kids into teams or simply make it an elimination game. For bonus fun pare one adult volunteer versus all the children. 301 Questions (print friendly PDF)


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