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Buy Ready Made Business _TOP_

Other people prefer to develop their own business and work for themselves. Which option to choose is up to you. Do you want to work for another person eight or nine hours a day, while receiving scanty money - this is exclusively your choice, no one will condemn. But if you want and strive to open your own business, to keep everything under control, if you are not afraid of any additional difficulties and worries, feel free to go to your cherished goal.

buy ready made business

No one in our time will deny that an inexpensive ready-made business is an excellent alternative to decent earnings according to an already proven scheme. Well, if the business still brings pleasure, in addition to income, what could be better ?! Have you been dreaming of becoming a businessman for a long time? Then to buy a turnkey ready-made business is the best way to ease your start. And easily save yourself from a number of problems:

If you think that it is difficult or illegal to buy a ready-made profitable business that will give you a certain and tested base, we hasten to assure you of the opposite. After all, this happens by the full and mutual agreement of both parties.

If we take the last 5-10 years as an example, it is worth noting that the information business is in great demand, which, among other things, has quite a decent chance of becoming an attractive investment segment. It is unlikely that someone will be against earning according to an already proven successful scheme. In this case, we are talking about a well-chosen franchise of the information business, in particular, the franchise of city online portals CitySites.

A decision of expanding the success of in other cities of Ukraine has been made. CitySites company has been founded. Business processes are developed to found branches in all the states' capitals of Ukraine.

Since those early days our passion for introducing people who want to buy a business to those who are selling a business has grown exponentially along with the site. has evolved into a truly global service that connects over a million business buyers and sellers each and every month.

For 20 years we have been helping business brokers and private sellers market their listings. From cafes to construction businesses, some of our most exciting business opportunities have included the makers of Big Ben's clock, a Chinese toll road, a crocodile farm in Thailand and even a tropical island!

We have become the world's largest marketplace advertising 59,001 businesses for sale in over 130 countries. The website is proudly run by our team of 32 based in London, Sydney, North Carolina and Mexico City.

Because of these legal and business risks, crowdspring has a zero-tolerance policy concerning the use of stock art and generic elements in logo projects. We require each participating designer, to disclose each time they submit a logo design, that everything in their design is their original work.

Pick an alternative that creates a unique identity and a cornerstone of your brand. Ready-made logos purchased by numerous other businesses cannot do this for you and will merely expose you to unnecessary legal and business risks.

Are you thinking about getting a ready-made company and want to know what benefits you will get from your purchase, what to look out for when choosing and what all is included in the price of a ready-made company? Let's take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of ready made companies.

A ready-made company is a finished company already registered in the commercial register. It is often established directly for the purpose of resale, and therefore meets all the statutory conditions, has not developed a business activity, and therefore has no business history or liabilities.

However, you may also come across ready-made company with history and in some cases even companies with outstanding debts and claims. When buying a company, it is always better to turn to a reliable provider who contractually guarantees that the company is not burdened with legal problems. Then no "skeletons in the closet" will surprise you.

Clearly the biggest advantage of buying a ready-made company is speed. Setting up a company on your own would take you about 2 weeks of paperwork and running around the offices. In the event that you purchase a ready-made company, you can act for it virtually immediately.

The company is yours when you enter into the share transfer agreement. You do not have to wait for the company to be registered in the Commercial Register, as the company is already registered there. It has been assigned an ID number, it is registered for corporate income tax, and you can start your business within 24 hours.

Another benefit of a ready-made company is that you do not have to deposit the share capital prescribed by law. The capital is paid up by the person who sells the ready-made company. However, it must be taken into account that this is only formally paid-up capital, which must be made up during the life of the company. You either physically repay the capital or make a credit against future profit payments.

Also, keep an eye on the amount of the company's capital itself. Many ready-made Ltd. have registered capital only in the minimum required amount of 1 CZK. However, some entrepreneurs need to secure loan financing, for example, and the amount of registered capital is one of the criteria that banks evaluate when granting a loan. If this applies to you, we recommend buying a company with a higher registered capital.

The company can be purchased with VAT registration, which saves time and nerves for the entrepreneur, who finds it advantageous to invoice with VAT right from the start. When you get a ready-made s.r.o. DPH payer, you can immediately purchase goods or services and claim a VAT deduction. However, bear in mind that you will pay considerably more for such a company - registering a new company for VAT is a rather complicated and lengthy process, which is reflected in the price.

Buying a ready-made company can also be the most advantageous option for foreigners who want to start a business without unnecessary administration and with significant time savings. Jakub Vondráček, director of Jake&James, describes our experience from practice. Compared to setting up a new s.r.o., buying a ready-made company is usually faster and easier for them. They do not have to deal with complications with bank accounts and other administrative obstacles."

When buying a ready-made company, we recommend choosing from verified sellers to avoid unwanted burdens - such as unpaid debts that an already established company may carry. When choosing, stick to two rules:

An important criterion when choosing a provider of a ready-made company is therefore not only the price, but also whether it guarantees that the company is "clean" and, if necessary, what other services it offers - for example, the possibility of changing the name, providing a registered office or vehicle registration.

However, do not forget that setting up a business on your own is definitely not free. The price for the services of a notary is around CZK 5,000, you will pay an administrative fee of CZK 1,000 at the trade licensing office, and other expenses may be associated with opening a bank account. When you take into account the amount of time saved, buying a ready-made company is an advantageous solution. Moreover, you will avoid paperwork and bypassing the authorities.

At Jake&James, we focus primarily on the sale of ready-made companies with no history. We guarantee that you will not be unpleasantly surprised by a company that already has a business history. The lowest purchase price for a ready-made company is 9 990 CZK.

Franchising is a great way to start a business, but before you decide to spend the thousands of dollars needed to buy one, you must do your due diligence. It is essential to understand what a franchise is and how it differs from a chain or independent business. Owning a franchise does not work the same way as a business that comes from an original idea you have.

A franchise is a business that is owned by one or more people who provide products or services under the branding and rules set forth by a parent corporation. As a part of ownership, the corporation assists its franchisees with marketing and inventory, charging the franchisee fees in return.

Opening a franchise is not the same as starting a business from scratch. The benefits of a franchise are brand recognition and support from the parent company, but the drawbacks are franchising fees and limited control.

Owning a franchise (or any business, for that matter) can be a large undertaking emotionally, physically and financially. Before you dive into buying a franchise, be confident in your reasoning for wanting to own one. If you think owning a franchise may be easier than owning any other type of business, keep in mind that business ownership in general comes with its challenges.

The Small Business and Entrepreneurial Council reported that 5.3% of small businesses and 9.6% of larger employers are franchises. Here are the 30 best franchises of 2022, according to Franchise Gator:

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