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Dangerous Beauty __LINK__

Veronica quickly gains a reputation as a top courtesan, impressing the powerful men of Venice with her beauty, wit, and compassion. Marco finds it difficult to adjust to his new wife, who is nothing like Veronica, and becomes jealous as Veronica takes his friends and relatives as lovers.

Dangerous Beauty

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Marco's cousin Maffio, a poor bard who was once publicly upstaged and later rejected by her, attacks Veronica due to envy. They have a duel of words as well of swords, after which Marco rushes to her aid. They rekindle their romance, but she refuses to stop seeing clients and accept his support. Nevertheless, Veronica spends a great deal of time with Marco, neglecting her business and ignoring her mother's warnings that such a relationship is dangerous for her.

"The life you lead, the freedom you have--will you deny my daughters the same chance?" Not the request every mother would address to a prostitute, but "Dangerous Beauty" makes a persuasive case for the life of a courtesan in 16th century Venice. At a time when Europeans are bemused by our naivete about dalliance in high places, this is, I suppose, the film we should study. It's based on the true story of Veronica Franco, a well-born Venetian beauty who deliberately chose the life of a courtesan because it seemed a better choice than poverty, or an arranged marriage to a decayed nobleman.

Obviously a woman with so much power must be a witch. In a courtroom scene that I somehow doubt played out quite this way in real life, she defends herself and the life of a courtesan. It is better, she argues, to prostitute herself willingly, for her own gain, than to do so unwillingly in an arranged marriage: "No biblical hell could be worse than a state of perpetual in-consequence.'' I am not surprised, as I said, that the screenwriter is a woman. Few movies have been so deliberately told from a woman's point of view. We are informed in all those best-sellers about Mars and Venus, that a man looks for beauty and a woman for security. But a man also looks for autonomy, power, independence and authority, and a woman in 16th century Venice (and even today) is expected to surrender those attributes to her husband. The woman regains her power through an understanding of the male libido: A man in a state of lust is to all intents and purposes hypnotized. Most movies are made by males and show women enthralled by men. This movie knows better.

The eyes are one of the biggest markers of facial attractiveness, and everyone has taken notice. The beauty industry is more than happy to aid consumers in enhancing their eyes.1,2 Salon and at-home eyelash augmentation procedures are projected to continue expanding and growing in popularity in the market, and false eyelashes alone are expected to bring in almost two billion dollars by the end of 2024.3,4

As eye care practitioners, we are well poised to recognize the complications stemming from dangerous beauty trends involving the ocular surface and adnexa. With the cosmetic industry doing everything it can to promote the growth of eyelash and lid enhancement, we need to educate patients about healthier practices and alternatives to strike a better balance between health and beauty.

Posts about these products often reach massive audiences, and they have fueled the growth of an entire baby beauty industry. On Xiaohongshu, an Instagram-like platform, there are now dozens of vendors selling anti-mouth breathing tape for children.

Yet mouth tape remains popular. Li says she had no idea the product could be dangerous until she posted about her experience using it on Xiaohongshu, and several commenters mentioned the health risks.

Today, the baby beauty business goes far beyond mouth tape. Dental products are increasingly being targeted at very young kids: some children as young as 3 years old are now wearing braces 24 hours a day.

Deadly nightshade, or belladonna, contains the active chemical atropine which is used today by optometrists in regulated doses to dilate pupils for an eye exam. However, since Roman times, the plant has been used to dilate pupils in the name of beauty. And, as the name suggests, this famously poisonous plant is not an ingredient you want to misuse!

Chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, and other hazardous ingredients are turning up in makeup, skin creams, and hair styling products. Here, the latest and most dangerous beauty alerts, and how to protect yourself without compromising your beauty routine.

The list of dangerous skin creams is fairly long, but -- so far at least -- contains only products you'd purchase from an import store or Latino, Asian or Middle Eastern market, and no American-made brands or products. The creams are intended primarily for "skin lightening" and anti-aging and include Stillman's skin bleach cream, Diana skin lightening formula, and numerous products with labels in Chinese, Hindi, and other languages.

But Naz has a mission to accomplish and a secret to keep. Eva has her share of secrets, too. And as the heat flares between them, Naz knows that trust could become the most dangerous impulse of all.

A character with the Dangerous Allure advantage have an air of dangerous beauty around him, and qualities that others find difficult to ignore. People find his looks and demeanor both alluring and intimidating. [1]

The Pandemic clearly provided me with subject matter. The mystery surrounding this merciless virus, its sudden appearance, and the dynamics of its evolution were a source of inspiration. The physical beauty of the cells stimulated my desire to create. Even the anxiety and loneliness I was experiencing impacted the work as is evident from the frenzied scribbles, squiggles and slashes that interact with the cells.

As noted, I did not start out to make a series about corona with any political agenda in mind. However, as with all my work, the visual language I employ is characterized by images that are simultaneously beautiful and bruised, like the two countries I call home. Both Israel and the United States are rife with division and conflict, but they also possess enormous richness and beauty. So in this sense, my images can be viewed metaphorically.

How many times have you cursed the hidden dagger in your bouquet of roses, delicately reached through the treacherous bramble to pick the perfect raspberry or marveled at the scale of the monstrous needles covering a tiny cactus? These structures are the first line of defense many plants have against hungry herbivorous predators, but their intriguing characteristics are often overlooked. In this exhibition we took a closer look at the beauty of these frightful weapons and the artworks that revealed them. 041b061a72


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