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Laurel Boars
Laurel Boars

Isley Brothers, Greatest Hits ((LINK)) Full Album Zip

The supreme four minutes and 25 seconds of thse albums are (of course) the trio's immortal "Shout." To the casual listener this is the greatest song ever recorded, but many aspects of its greatness are quite subtle. With the tenderness and power of Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde, the Isley brothers portrays lover's implorings:

Isley Brothers, Greatest Hits Full Album Zip


But "Shout" is by no means the only great song in the album. The two next best are "That Lucky Old Sun," which presents a Spenserian contrast between the ideal pastoral world and the world of brutal reality and "Respectable," which examines the clash of antipodal ethical systems within a society. The latter skillfully employs a catechismic device, reminiscent of Joyce, with the series of queries: 350c69d7ab


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