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Laurel Boars
Laurel Boars

Self Insertions Shemale

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I think I'm weird. I admit, some shemale porn turns me on, but I'm very particular about it. 1) S/he has to have very feminine face and be fairly young. 2) I like certain situations: shemale sucking dick and getting facial/swallowing, shemale fucking/getting blown by a woman, shemale jerking off until s/he cums on self. But I don't like seeing a man suck a shemale, I don't wanna see a chick put on a strap-on to fuck a shemale, and I don't really wanna see a man fuck a shemale in the ass UNLESS s/he is also jerking off during the act and cums first. I think it's my particularness that makes me weird. What do you think?

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