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Caleb Bell

Spice Girls Torrents

To be a teenage girl when the Spice Girls were around, there was no better time to be 12. I admit it, I was such a fan of the girl power group. How could you not be? Admit it, you say you hated them, but secretly you had a poster of Ginger Spice in your closet. They were cute, they were fun, they were talented and before you knew it they were gone. But for 2 years, it was nothing but girl power! So out of the height of their fame we naturally had to see if the Spice Girls were good for something else and that meant a movie! The Spice Girls made a movie, to show how crazy their lives were at the time and let them just have fun with it and they did spice up our lives real good.The Spice Girls are enjoying their fame, but they become dissatisfied with the burdens of it. A sinister newspaper owner, Kevin McMaxford, is trying to ruin the girls' reputation in order to cash in on the headlines, and even dispatches a photographer to take pictures and tape recordings of the girls. Annoying film director, Piers Cuthbertson-Smyth, who stalks the band along with his crew, hoping to use them as documentary subjects; at the same time, the girls' manager, Clifford, is fending off two overeager Hollywood writers, Martin Barnfield and Graydon, who relentlessly pitch absurd plot ideas for the girls' film. Amid this, the girls must prepare for a concert at the Albert Hall, their biggest performance yet. But between all this craziness, would they even want to continue to sing at the price of their friendships? You'll have to see, but I'm sure you could figure it out.I think a lot of people are a little too harsh on this film, the girls gave it a genuine try. You can tell they just had fun and wanted to do this for the fans. I think there were actually some really funny parts, like when they went through the spice boot camp. The whole last scene where they are going through their action scene in London, it's so random and just a good time. See, what I liked about this film was it's harmless nature. It was made for the fans specifically because we loved them so much. I admit that I'll watch it every once in a while still just to go back down memory lane and it still brings a smile on my face. The songs are so darn catchy, I can't help it. There are some very fun cameos that get a good giggle. The story is very predictable and the movie is over the top silly, but that is what makes it fun. I'm here to defend the film, I think people over analyze things way too much. Sometimes, you can't explain it, but you just want to let go of the real world and spice up your life a little bit. The Spice Girls may never win an Oscar, but they won the world's hearts for 2 short years, the girl power may have fizzled a little, but I'll take a trip down memory lane any time for Spice World.6/10

Spice Girls Torrents


As with many pop stars from the past, the Spice Girls Rumor Reunion Tour has been in full swing lately. Few expect the entire group to appear in concert given that 20 years have passed and everyone has moved on to other things. Yet it is always possible the group members are game for one more shot to spice up their life and acknowledge their fans, young and old. Whatever happens, their impact on the music industry lives on.


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