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Learn About ISM Book - The Manifesto of Jana Sena Party by Pawan Kalyan - Pdf Download

ISM Book By Pawan Kalyan Pdf Download

If you are a fan of Pawan Kalyan, a popular actor and politician in India, you might have heard of his book called ISM. This book is not just a collection of his thoughts and opinions, but a manifesto of his ideology and vision for the society. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about ISM book, why it is important and relevant, what it contains, how it impacts people, and how you can download it as a pdf file.

Ism Book By Pawan Kalyan Pdf Download

The Contents of ISM Book

ISM book was co-authored by Pawan Kalyan and his friend Raja Raviteja, and was launched in 2014 at Visakhapatnam. The book has a total of 145 pages and 12 chapters, each covering a different aspect of Pawan Kalyan's ideology. The word ISM stands for Idealism, which is the core principle of his philosophy. According to him, idealism is not an emotional argument, but a true idealism that aims for the good of the society. He also says that his party, Jana Sena, follows the same ideology of ISM.

Here are the titles and summaries of each chapter in ISM book:





My Quest for an Ideology

Pawan Kalyan shares his personal journey of finding an ideology that makes him live without fear. He explores various ideologies such as communism, separatism, casteism, religionism, etc., but finds none of them satisfactory. He realizes that he needs to see himself with a critical eye and follow his conscience.


The State

Pawan Kalyan defines the state as a collective entity that represents the people's will and interests. He discusses the role and responsibility of the state in ensuring social justice, welfare, security, democracy, etc. He also criticizes the corruption, nepotism, inefficiency, and violence that plague the state.


The Community

Pawan Kalyan clarifies that he does not use the word community in terms of caste or religion, but in terms of a group of people who share common values and goals. He argues that communities should not be divided or discriminated against based on their identities, but should cooperate and respect each other for the common good.


The Individual

Pawan Kalyan emphasizes the importance of the individual as the basic unit of the society. He says that the individual should have the freedom, dignity, rights, and opportunities to pursue his or her dreams and aspirations. He also says that the individual should have the courage, honesty, integrity, and compassion to contribute to the society.


The Family

Pawan Kalyan considers the family as the foundation of the society. He says that the family should provide love, care, support, and guidance to its members. He also says that the family should instill moral values, ethical principles, and social responsibility in its members.


The Education

Pawan Kalyan views education as a tool for empowerment and enlightenment. He says that education should not be limited to acquiring degrees or certificates, but should aim for developing knowledge, skills, creativity, and personality. He also says that education should foster critical thinking, curiosity, and innovation among the students.


The Economy

Pawan Kalyan analyzes the economy as a system of production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. He says that the economy should not be driven by greed or exploitation, but by fairness and sustainability. He also says that the economy should not neglect the environment or the human rights of the workers and consumers.


The Culture

Pawan Kalyan appreciates the culture as a source of identity, diversity, and heritage. He says that culture should not be imposed or suppressed, but celebrated and respected. He also says that culture should not be rigid or stagnant, but dynamic and adaptive to the changing times.


The Religion

Pawan Kalyan respects religion as a personal choice and a spiritual path. He says that religion should not be used as a tool for manipulation or domination, but as a means for peace and harmony. He also says that religion should not be intolerant or fanatic, but tolerant and inclusive of other faiths.


The Media

Pawan Kalyan evaluates the media as a medium of communication and information. He says that the media should not be biased or sensationalized, but objective and factual. He also says that the media should not be controlled or influenced by any vested interests, but independent and accountable to the public.


The Art

Pawan Kalyan admires art as a form of expression and inspiration. He says that art should not be censored or commercialized, but free and original. He also says that art should not be elitist or vulgar, but accessible and meaningful to everyone.


The Future

Pawan Kalyan envisions the future as a possibility and a challenge. He says that the future should not be feared or ignored, but embraced and prepared for. He also says that the future should not be predetermined or passive, but created and active by our actions.

The Impact of ISM Book

ISM book is not just a book, but a movement. It has influenced Pawan Kalyan's political career and party, inspired his fans and followers, and challenged the status quo and sparked debates in the society.

Pawan Kalyan launched his party Jana Sena in 2014 with the slogan "I don't want power...I want to empower". His party's ideology is based on ISM book, which advocates for social justice, idealism, fearlessness, etc. His party has contested in several elections in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states, and has raised various issues such as farmers' rights, special status for Andhra Pradesh, corruption, etc. His party has also supported various causes such as anti-nuclear protests, anti-rape protests, etc.

Pawan Kalyan's fans and followers have embraced ISM book as their guide and inspiration. They have formed various groups and organizations such as Jana Sena Youth Wing, Jana Sena Women Wing, Jana Sena Students Wing, etc., to spread the message of ISM book among the people. They have also organized various events and activities such as book reading sessions, seminars, rallies, etc., to promote ISM book among the public.

ISM book has also challenged the status quo and sparked debates in the society. It has questioned the existing political system and parties, exposed their flaws and failures, and proposed alternative solutions and visions. It 71b2f0854b


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