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Caleb Bell
Caleb Bell

The Ultimate Guide to Using Bosch ESI KTS 540 Tronic with a Crack Patch

the cover for the cup is shiny and made from plastic. its purpose is to give you a secure handle during preparation of food in the cup. there is no door, so you have to remove the cover before pouring coffee or juice.



  • this means, as far as bios/uefi is concerned, it's not there. perhaps it would be better to try things in bios/uefi itself first: make sure the usb port works by plugging in a usb device. (lsusb)

  • make sure the power connector is connected.

  • make sure the package is unlocked.

  • make sure the firmware partition is actually listed in the firmware.txt file.

i love cake so i had to figure out a way to use this wonderful toy. it came out of the box and i was overwhelmed. i had andrew take a picture of it for me, and i was blown away. whats even crazier is i put this thing up on the top of my actual blog. i have been editing this since mid-may, and its about time! here are some of the steps i took. i had a photographer friend help me out with some of the steps, like the ones about the tripod. i used them to take a picture of the cake.

at the top of the cake i used some cereal buttons to spell out a cute message. we got a great deal on the supplies at the grocery store. i just printed out a great message from cricut thingiverse and used a chopstick to pierce the letters through the cardboard.

to the left of the message i used some elastic jewelry ribbon to tie a bow. i used a piece of cardboard to cover the single diaper. i used the brown ribbon to tie it in the back and used the yellow ribbon around the ribbons to tie them in the front.


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