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When filming fell behind schedule, another director came in to assist the main unit director in finishing the episode. Greg Beeman assisted director Chris Long for the two "visceral visions of the future" that appeared in the episode "Hourglass".[34] "Jitters" was an episode with so many changes that its initial scheduling as the second episode of the season was pushed back to the eighth spot. By the time filming for "Jitters" was completed, three directors had worked on the project: Greg Beeman, Phil Sgriccia, and Michael Watkins; however, Watkins was given sole directing credit for the episode.[35]

HD Online Player (SMALLVILLE Season 1 Complete 720p ) [NEW]

The complete first season of Smallville was released on September 23, 2003 in North America.[68] Additional releases in regions 2 and 4 took place on October 13, 2003 and December 3, 2003, respectively.[69][70] The DVD box set included various special features, including episode commentary, an interactive tour of Smallville, and storyboards from select episodes.[71]

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